There are some key things to look for and think about when it comes to choosing how to store your kids soft toys: –

  • Easy access – you don’t want the kids to get frustrated, or for you to be called every time they want a toy
  • Easy to put away – the more simple tidy-up time is, the better!
  • Easy to clean – both the storage AND the toys!
  • Not always falling off – having cuddly toys on shelves means they will fall off all too easily – we have to be more clever than that!
  • Looks good (not too messy!)
  • Safe for kids – goes without saying…
  • Makes the most of the space you have. Whether you have a playroom or just a small bedroom to add storage too – think about using the height AND width of any space you have available and you may be surprised at how much room you’ve actually got.

Quite a lot to consider! But as with all organising projects in our house, a little planning up front can go a LONG way in making sure that what you ultimately decide on will last and work well for your specific home and family.

Below you’ll find all the ideas and solutions I’ve found that I truly think are genius. Some are DIY options, some can be bought – and there’s something for all budgets.


You can get LOADS of designs, shapes and sizes of beanbags** that have been created specifically to hold things like toys in them instead of being filled with the usual filling.


I also like the fact that you can fill with spare bedding, blankets etc… as well – but I digress…

This is my favourite of all the ideas – for a few reasons.

Firstly – I am all about multi functional items in a home – and having hidden storage for the toys is a genius idea!

Secondly – This would be a perfect option for a slightly older child as well as younger ones. My daughter is 10 and there are quite a few toys that she wants to keep, but she also has a need for a more ‘grown up’ space. The bean bag would give her somewhere to relax, but also give her easy access to the toys should she want a cuddle!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this – and it would be a definite buy from me if my daughter was still a toddler. Being able to see all the toys and grab them easily, while keeping them contained using bungee cords – is perfect!


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Great for over a bed to use a corner that’s not otherwise used (in kids rooms please be careful about what you place, if anything, above their bed – soft toys are a good option!).


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Keeping toys off the floor, and at kids height, works well. These hanging baskets (you can get from IKEA) are ideal for this – and you could have one for each child!

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