The teddy bear was formally designed in 1902, when Theodore Roosevelt denied to slaughter a bear whelp whereas on a chasing trip. News correspondents all through the nation highlighted the story of Roosevelt’s kind act, spreading rapidly through daily paper articles over the nation. Millions of Americans perused this story, counting Morris Michtom and his spouse, who chosen to make a stuffed toy bear and commit it to the president who denied to shoot a bear, consequently the title teddy bear. The stuffed bear was too freely made around the same time in Germany by the Steiff company. They started mass creating these extravagant toys and by 1907, nearly one million teddy bears had been sold.

Taking after on from this occasion, other companies before long started making teddy bears of their possess. They were not as it were planned for children, but frequently favored by grown-ups, and as the a long time went on, so did the modernity of the bear’s mechanics. These prior plans of the teddy bear were exceptionally comparable to genuine bears, not at all like the cutting edge take on the cuddly toy, which are more stylised with greater eyes, littler faces and a cuter plan. They proceed to highlight within the toy collections of both children and grown-ups to this day.

The popularity of teddy bears

As the teddy bear is such a traditional and timeless toy, most of us have owned one of these soft and plush companions at different stages of our lives. Teddy bears have always been popular because of their exceptional benefits, especially for children. When little ones play with teddy bears and other stuffed animals they are constantly learning as they play, introducing them to a wide variety of skills and an element of social interaction. With their teddy bear friends, children can express emotions and feelings they cannot otherwise do with words.

It is not only children that enjoy the benefits of teddy bears, as they are a wonderful addition to adult lives too. There have been countless studies conducted which discuss how touching something comforting, like a teddy bear, can benefit people with low self-esteem or other worries, helping them to feel well-rested after a night’s sleep. Teenagers going away to college or university often take their teddies with them for comfort on those first nights away. Teddy bears can also be perfect gifts for older people with dementia.

Would you like to buy a handmade teddy bear?

Although millions of teddies are sold every year either as gifts or to commemorate special events, very few are still handmade. Michael Dankwah founded Grin & Bear a number of years ago to provide both adults and children with a special toy they are bound to love for years to come. Each bear he designs is made with the same care and dedication as the last, creating both bespoke designs and a curated range of fabulous teddy bears which are available to buy on his website.

All the Grin & Bear teddy bears are made in a special teddy bear workshop, where a tight-knit team which includes several grandmothers, hand finish each and every bear. Traditional methods are used, working on sewing machines to make the bears, where each one is hand-stitched and embroidered by a specialist artisan team. 

Everyone from the very young to the very old loves a teddy bear, so please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like the perfect bear friend for you or a loved one. Michael with his background in Fashion and Design, has an eye for stylish prints and his unusual designs means there’s a bear to suit everyone. If you would like to find out more about the bears Michael can design for you, complete the contact form on his website, and he will get back to you as soon as possible. He turned his passion into a business and has an exceptional reputation across the globe, so you can be certain he will be able to bring your idea to life. 

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